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Canterbury Shaker Village Residency

I just completed my first artist residency! From July 17 to 21, I was one of five artists-in-residence at Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH. The setting of Canterbury Shaker Village is idyllic. It is by far the most gorgeous place I've ever had the pleasure of painting at and it was inspiring to work along side the other artists who were all amazing (Abba Cudney, Toni Jo Coppa, Teresa Taylor, and Ray Ciemny - check them out!).

I seized the opportunity to experiment. During the residency, I worked to further develop a few new techniques I've been working on and finally got to try painting on a shaped surface. I primarily painted on panel, which is new for me. Out of the nine works I completed during the residency, only one was on canvas. I will be writing a separate post (possibly posts) about the works I created on site.

I also brought my camera! I haven't been able to pursue photography for a while now and this was the ideal moment to do so. Everyday, when I first arrived at the village, I would walk the grounds. The photos I took each morning would inform and inspire the paintings I created that day. I have some editing to do, but hope to share some photos in my photography gallery soon. In the meantime, below is a slideshow of photos I took on my phone.

If I were smart enough to build a time machine, I would just keep living last week over and over again for a while. More to come!

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