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"Gray is Beautiful"

It is now more important than ever—as our society grows increasingly comfortable viewing the world in extremes—to remember that so few things in life are truly black and white, that the vast majority fall within the areas of gray. Gray is a flexible, neutral, and balanced hue. It is sophisticated, timeless, and practical. Gray is beautiful. The mindset of the moderate seems to have been forgotten as the "all or nothing" and "black and white" thinkers of the world silence logic and grasp for power.

Alison Palizzolo, All the shades of gray, they do not wish to see., 2017, acrylics mixed with ceramic stucco, sand resin, and iridescent medium on canvas, 30 x 40 inches.

In each of these works I am attempting to convey the tenacity and allure of gray. In So many shades of grey, they do not wish to see. gray is the work's main color. The title of the work points out that the gray options are there, but so many choose not to recognize them as legitimate. I have employed blue and red as secondary hues to symbolize the political parties and divide in our country. My use of purple in the work is meant to represent and urge for collaboration and calm. The thick, bold, and textured knife strokes of gray shatter the potential perception of gray as a dull or static color. The paint has movement and begs to be remembered, to be appreciated. I intentionally challenge the viewer to parse all the different shades of gray in the work, encouraging them to look more closely. In their close looking the viewer is meant to evaluate gray as a viable color and approach. To notice that the hues of gray are unlimited and can be mixed beautifully with a plethora of other colors, of other ideas.

Alison Palizzolo, Gray Undertones, 2017, 2017, acrylics mixed with ceramic stucco, sand resin, and iridescent medium on canvas, 12 x 12 inches.

As the name suggests, the colors in Gray Undertones were all mixed with varying amounts of gray. Gray is also used as the secondary hue. The work is painterly and sculptural, intended to highlight the beauty of gray. It's dynamic yet unapologetic in its neutrality. It blends with, but refuses to bend to, the hues surrounding it. The work is meant to evoke confidence and strength. To draw the viewer into its texture and to examine the gray areas, both in the painting and in general.

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