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“A Vision of Vivaldi’s Spring"

A Vision of Vivaldi’s Spring, 2017, 30 x 40 inches

A Vision of Vivaldi’s Spring depicts what I visualize in my mind’s eye when experiencing Vivaldi’s La Primavera concertos. The boldness of Vivaldi’s music speaks to me as a painter. My use of vibrant and saturated hues mimics that of his notes. When listening, one can feel the magic and see the colors of his spring. It’s easy to imagine flowers joyously shooting up from the ground. The starkness of winter is gone and the energetic hues of spring leap into action. My vigorous strokes of vivacious color mirror that of Vivaldi’s arrangements. His compositions are audibly textured and fall dynamically upon the listener’s ear. Though it is hard to see in a photograph, the work references the three-dimensionality of Vivaldi’s music visually, through its sculptural quality. The three-dimensionality of the work enables it to feel more tangible and more relatable to viewer as it begins to occupy their space.

Whether the viewer is familiar with Vivaldi’s La Primavera concertos or not, they can appreciate the work. It doesn’t require a context in order to be considered. On the other hand, should the viewer be acquainted with Vivaldi’s musical devotion to spring, may his masterful notes fill their ears as they examine my visual representation.

Image caption: Alison Palizzolo, A Vision of Vivaldi’s Spring, 2017, acrylic spray paint, liquid acrylics, and high-flow medium on canvas, 40 x 30 inches.

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