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Born 1987 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Born into a family of artists, Alison grew up in Goffstown, New Hampshire and began taking art lessons from the Currier Museum of Art at the age of seven. She went on to graduate cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Keene State College in 2009, with a concentration in studio art and art history. During the summer of 2007, she interned at the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College. During her internship, she was mentored by the curator of European art and she continued to volunteer at the museum throughout her college career. In February 2010, she was hired by the museum’s public relations office, where she continues to work today.

Artist Statement:

Color is to vision as words are to speech.


Our eyes are vehicles through which we interpret the optical language of color. In my work, I am searching for what color theorist Josef Albers described as the “magic of color.” My fascination with color lies within the likelihood that no two sets of eyes will ever perceive one color in exactly the same way.


My paintings are meant to be playful, experimental, and to draw the viewer in and invite close-looking. They explore color communication: how our eyes translate the language of color to our brain and the resulting emotional reactions or intellectual responses. My goal is to blur the lines between painting and sculpting. Particularly in my most recent works, I am attempting to challenge the traditional definition and perception of painting and propel the medium into the realm of three dimensions.


I employ an allover painting technique and, what I refer to as, “organized chaos.” These compositional and stylistic choices aim to give the viewer cause to stop, and really absorb what's in front of them. My paintings are also intended to provide the viewer with an escape. An escape not necessarily from reality, or from what is in front of them, but from the buzzing world that surrounds us all.

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